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Introducing the Advanced LMC4 Solar Connector 1000V by CNLonQcom


CNLonQcom introduces the LMC4 Solar Connector 1000V, a top-tier connection solution designed for advanced solar systems. This connector stands out for its superior technical specifications and versatility, providing a safe and reliable electrical interface between solar panels or with inverters, ensuring the efficient operation of solar systems.

Core Features Overview:

Wide Cable Specification Compatibility: The LMC4 connector accommodates a variety of cable sizes (Φ2.5mm, Φ4mm, and Φ6mm), meeting diverse installation needs.

●High Rated Voltage: With a rated voltage of 1000V DC, it offers stable support for high-voltage systems.

●Flexible Rated Current: Available in 30A and 45A rated current options to match different cable specifications, fulfilling a wide range of system requirements.

●IP67 Protection Level: Ensures reliable operation in extreme environments, such as dust and moisture.

●High-Quality Insulation Material - PPO: Exhibits excellent heat resistance and insulation properties, ensuring long-term safety.

●Strong Corrosion Resistance: Passes the IEC 60068-2-52 severity 5 salt mist test, making it suitable for use in highly corrosive environments.

In addition to the LMC4 Solar Connector 1000V, CNLonQcom also offers a comprehensive range of photovoltaic products, including isolator switches, combiner boxes, DC circuit breakers, and surge protectors. These products together form a complete solar system solution, catering to everything from residential to large-scale solar power projects. Integrating our high-performance products allows customers to effortlessly optimize their solar systems, enhancing energy conversion efficiency and accelerating the widespread adoption of renewable energy.

Choosing CNLonQcom's LMC4 Solar Connector 1000V and other photovoltaic products will bring enhanced safety, efficiency, and convenience to your solar projects, driving the development of sustainable energy technology.

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