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DC Surge Protective Device plays a crucial role in quickly and effectively protecting equipment in the event of over voltage in DC circuits, preventing equipment damage and ensuring the safe operation of electronic and electrical devices.
● Prevents electric shock caused by electrostatic discharge.
● Protects electrical equipment from over voltage damage.
● Prevents fires caused by static electricity accumulation.
● Suppresses interference caused by lightning strikes and induced lightning.
The green and red visual indicator flags show the module protective status (green =good, red = replace).
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3P DC Surge Protective Device

3P DC Surge Protective Device

CNLonQcom is a professional manufacturer of 3P DC Surge Protective Devices in China. The DC Surge Protective Device is designed to protect equipment from the damaging effects of DC surges on the power grid. It is mainly used in photovoltaic systems with voltages of DC500V, DC600V, DC800V, DC1000V, and DC1500V.

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2P DC Surge Protective Device

2P DC Surge Protective Device

The 2P DC Surge Protective Device is developed and manufactured by CNLonQcom, a Chinese factory, and provides effective protection against lightning surge voltages for solar power systems (photovoltaic systems). It is suitable for DC voltages of DC500V, DC600V, DC800V, and DC1000V.

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CNLonQcom has been producing DC Surge Protective Device made in China for many years and is one of the professional DC Surge Protective Device manufacturers and Suppliers in China. We have our own factory. You can rest assured to buy discount products from us. Customers are satisfied with our products CE/TUV, excellent service and good price. We have enough product inventory, welcome to email for quotation, we will provide you with free samples.
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