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CNLonQcom Introduces High-Quality Miniature Circuit Breakers with CE Certification


Wenzhou Longqi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (CNLonQcom) is renowned for its high-quality and safe electrical products, which have received widespread acclaim from customers. The company's MCBs have obtained CE certification, demonstrating their superior performance under international standards. As a critical electrical protection device, MCBs play an important role in modern low-voltage distribution systems and are widely used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

What is a Miniature Circuit Breaker?

A miniature circuit breaker (MCB) is an automatic electrical switch designed to protect electrical circuits from overload and short-circuit damage. When the current in the circuit exceeds a preset safety value, the MCB automatically cuts off the power to prevent electrical fires and equipment damage. Key features and advantages include:

Overload Protection: Automatically disconnects when the current exceeds the rated value, preventing overheating of cables and equipment.

Short-Circuit Protection: Quickly breaks the circuit in the event of a short circuit, avoiding severe damage and fire risks.

High Sensitivity and Reliability: Rapidly detects and responds to changes in current, ensuring circuit safety.

Long Service Life: Made from high-quality materials, suitable for various harsh environments.

Easy Installation: Compact design, easy to install and maintain.

Features of CNLonQcom MCBs

CNLonQcom’s MCBs not only hold CE certification but also boast a complete range of models and excellent performance to meet various application needs. Our MCBs are suitable for different current specifications and application scenarios, offering flexible options for customers.

Synergy with Other Products

CNLonQcom also provides a range of photovoltaic system-related products, including DC isolators, combiner boxes,solar connectors, and DC surge protectors. These products work together with MCBs to form a comprehensive and efficient power protection system. For example:

Combiner Boxes: When used with MCBs, combiner boxes can safely gather and transmit the current from multiple photovoltaic modules, while providing necessary overload and short-circuit protection.

DC Surge Protectors: In areas prone to lightning, DC surge protectors paired with MCBs can effectively withstand voltage spikes and protect downstream equipment from damage.

PV Connectors and DC Isolators: These components work in conjunction with MCBs to ensure safe connections and convenient maintenance, offering a comprehensive power protection solution.

CNLonQcom is committed to providing customers with high-quality electrical protection products. Our miniature circuit breakers not only meet international standards but also come in a wide range of models to meet various protection needs. We welcome customers to inquire and place orders.

For more information, please visit our website or contact our customer service team. We look forward to working with you to ensure the safety and stability of your power systems.

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