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Wenzhou Longqi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.: Knowledge and Application of Solar Combiner Boxes


Solar energy systems are gaining significant attention, and combiner boxes, as a core component, play a pivotal role in ensuring the entire system operates efficiently and safely. But what exactly does a combiner box do within a solar energy system?

Understanding the Solar Combiner Box:

A solar combiner box, as its name suggests, serves as a unit for "combining" and "channeling." In solar energy systems, with numerous solar cells generating vast amounts of direct current, the role of the combiner box is to gather these currents and channel them uniformly to the inverter, subsequently converting them into the alternating current we use daily.

Its functions include:

Protection: Equipped with protective devices such as DC fuses and surge protection devices, the combiner box ensures that potential damage or malfunctions from solar panels do not adversely affect the entire system.

Simplifying Wiring: In extensive solar power setups, with a multitude of solar panels, combiner boxes provide a streamlined wiring structure, facilitating easier maintenance and management.

Wenzhou Longqi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (CNLonQcom) designs and configures its combiner boxes strictly following the "Technical Specifications for Photovoltaic Node Equipment" CGC/GF 037:2014, boasting the following noteworthy features:

High Reliability:

Comes with a DC fuse.

Equipped with a DC surge protective device.

In-built DC circuit breaker or PV Switch-disconnector.

Strong Adaptability:

Designed with an IP65 rating, ensuring protection against water, dust, and ultraviolet rays.

Undergoes rigorous high and low-temperature testing, showcasing broad application potential.

Offers easy installation, simplified system wiring, and user-friendly connections.

The box is crafted from PVC flame retardant material or cold-rolled plate.

Flexible Configuration:

Compatible with single-crystal silicon solar modules, polycrystalline silicon solar modules, and thin-film solar modules.

By choosing Wenzhou Longqi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.'s combiner boxes, you're not just selecting a top-quality product but also aligning yourself with in-depth expertise in solar technology and knowledge. We remain committed to offering our clients comprehensive and professional solar solutions, ensuring that your investment yields the maximum returns.

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