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CNLonQcom Creates 3D Product Models for an Enhanced Customer Experience


To elevate the customer experience, CNLonQcom has now begun utilizing Maya, the industry-leading 3D modeling software, to construct three-dimensional models of our products. This innovative initiative is designed to provide customers with a more intuitive and detailed product presentation, helping them gain a deeper understanding of our solar product range.

The video showcases the creation process of the handle part for our circuit breaker, LQB1-125Z. This not only highlights CNLonQcom's commitment to product quality but also allows customers to view and understand the product's functionality and design from various perspectives in a novel way.

Moving forward, we will progressively release more 3D models of our products, including isolator switches, combiner boxes, solar connectors, and surge protectors, aiming to offer a comprehensive product experience platform. Through these 3D models, customers will be able to understand each product's specific applications and advantages more clearly.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to roll out three-dimensional models of more products. CNLonQcom remains committed to leveraging the latest technology to enhance customer satisfaction and lead the solar energy industry's development wave.

For more information or to experience our 3D product models, please visit our official website or contact our customer service team. Join us in embracing a new chapter of solar product interaction and discovery.

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