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LONQ-40 PV Isolation Switch by Longqi New Energy - Providing You electric power with Solar Power


Welcome to the official website(http://www.cnlonq.com/) of Wenzhou Longqi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Longqi New Energy is a leading provider of innovative renewable energy solutions. We take pride in presenting our flagship product, the LONQ-40 Photovoltaic Isolation Switch, which is the result of our collaboration with the internationally recognized testing and certification organization, TUV Rheinland. This 1500V photovoltaic isolation switch has undergone rigorous testing and certification, including TUV Mark, CB/IEC, CE, ROHS, and UKCA certificates, highlighting our commitment to product excellence and safety. Additionally, we are proud to have received a patent certificate from the European Union for this groundbreaking product.

Core Value of the Product:

The LONQ-40 Photovoltaic Isolation Switch is designed to meet the growing demand for reliable and efficient photovoltaic systems. As a crucial component of solar installations, our switch boasts unparalleled performance and safety features, making it an indispensable part of any solar energy project. With its cutting-edge technology and excellent craftsmanship, it stands out in the market.

Product Description:

The LONQ-40 Photovoltaic Isolation Switch serves as a critical connection between the photovoltaic array and the power grid. Its main function is to safely disconnect the DC side of the system from the grid during maintenance, repair, or emergency situations. This ensures personnel safety and protects the system from overvoltage and other electrical hazards.

Key Features:

·TUV Certification: Our collaboration with TUV Rheinland ensures that our LONQ-40 Photovoltaic Isolation Switch complies with the highest quality, safety, and performance standards. The TUV Mark, CB/IEC, CE, ROHS, and UKCA certificates attest to the reliability and compliance of our product.

·Maximum Safety: The LONQ-40 Photovoltaic Isolation Switch employs advanced safety mechanisms, efficiently extinguishing arcs and reducing the risk of electrical accidents. With the integration of the latest photovoltaic technology and craftsmanship, it exhibits high stability and reliability. It can withstand various adverse environmental conditions, ensuring the normal operation and safe functioning of the photovoltaic system.

·Easy Installation and Maintenance: The design of the LONQ-40 Photovoltaic Isolation Switch facilitates easy installation and maintenance. Its compact size and user-friendly interface simplify the integration process, saving time and effort.


At Wenzhou Longqi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. we are dedicated to providing reliable and innovative solutions for the solar energy industry. The LONQ-40 Photovoltaic Isolation Switch represents our commitment to excellence and safety, making it the preferred choice for residential and commercial solar installations. With our TUV certification and EU patent, you can trust that our switch will deliver unparalleled performance, efficiency, and peace of mind. Join us in embracing renewable energy and let solar power provide electricity for you.

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