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Exploring the Differences Between PV Panel Mount Connectors and PV Connectors


CNLonQcom provides a variety of high-performance connector options for photovoltaic systems, including the standard LMC4 Solar Connector and the panel-mounted LMC4-BD Solar Connector. These products not only improve installation efficiency but also ensure the reliability and safety of the system.

The main difference between LMC4 Solar connector and panel-mounted LMC4-BD Solar Connector: LMC4 Solar connectors are mainly used for connections between solar panels or between panels and inverters. This type of connection facilitates maintenance and installation.PV panel mount connectors, on the other hand, are designed to be installed in distribution boxes or combiner boxes. This design allows for direct integration with electrical systems, providing a more stable and centralized connection solution for photovoltaic systems.

Product Series Introduction:

LMC4 Solar Connector 1000V and 1500V: Suitable for different voltage level applications, LMC4 Solar Connector 1000V is suitable for residential or small commercial photovoltaic systems, while LMC4 Solar Connector 1500V is more suitable for large commercial or utility-level projects. They can handle higher voltages, improving the overall efficiency and safety of the system.

LMC4-BD Solar Connector 1000V and 1500V: These panel mount connectors also offer 1000V and 1500V models to accommodate different operating voltage needs, ensuring compatibility with distribution boxes and combiner boxes.

Cable Compatibility: These connectors can be used with cables of 2.5mm², 4mm², and 6mm², providing flexible options to meet different installation and electrical load requirements.

By using CNLonQcom's high-quality solar connectors, customers can enjoy not only technologically advanced products but also ensure the stable operation and long-term reliability of their PV systems. As photovoltaic technology continues to advance, selecting the right connectors is crucial for optimizing system performance and increasing economic benefits.

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