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CNLonQcom: Residential and Commercial Solar System Photovoltaic Circuit System Safety Expert


In the past month, our company has performed 3D modeling and application scenario videos for our isolation switches and combiner boxes. These have been posted on YouTube, and we welcome you to follow our CNLonQcom channel. Here, I freely share my technical knowledge with anyone who may find it useful. Let's now enjoy the video together.

With the increasing popularity of renewable energy, residential and commercial photovoltaic systems have become a part of modern life. To ensure the optimal performance and safety of these systems, choosing the right equipment is crucial. Today, we will introduce two changers: the photovoltaic DC isolation switch and the solar combiner box.

PV Switch-disconnector: The Perfect Blend of Safety and Efficiency

Powerful Performance: Capable of handling currents and voltages of up to 1500V 32A, providing unparalleled stability for your system.

Outstanding Protection: Its IP66 waterproof housing not only ensures an excellent protection rating but also uses high-quality UV-resistant plastic materials for long-lasting use.

Temperature Management: Unique air valve design improves air circulation, lowers temperatures, and ensures stable operation over extended periods.

Wide Range of Applications: Whether it's a 1 kW residential system or a 20 kW commercial system, this isolation switch is the ideal choice.

Solar Combiner Box: Rock-Solid Protection for Your Photovoltaic System

Comprehensive Protection: Integrates DC fuses, DC surge protective devices, DC circuit breakers, and DC load isolation switches, ensuring your system always operates at its best.

Exceptional Weather Resistance: IP65 design, waterproof, dustproof, and UV-resistant, ensuring stable operation in various environments.

Simplified Installation and Wiring: Simple design, streamlined wiring, and easy connections make the installation process straightforward.

Versatile Applications: No matter which type of solar panels you choose, this combiner box is a perfect match.


When seeking a safe, efficient, and convenient photovoltaic solution, the photovoltaic DC isolation switch and the solar combiner box are undoubtedly your top choices. They not only ensure the safety and efficient operation of your system but also provide great convenience for maintenance and management. Choose the best photovoltaic equipment for your home or business and enjoy clean, green, and sustainable energy!

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