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Longqi (CNLonQcom)'s combiner boxes are designed and configured in strict accordance with the "Technical Specifications for Photovoltaic Node Equipment" CGC/GF 037:2014, and have the following characteristics:
● High Reliability
With DC Surge Protection Device
With DC circuit breaker or DC load isolation switch.
● Strong Adaptability
IP65 design, waterproof, anti dust and anti ultraviolet.
Strict test for high and low temperature, used widely.
The simple installation, the simplified system wiring, the convenient wiring.
The box body is made of cold rolled steel and other metal materials.
● Flexible Configuration 
Used for single crystal silicon solar modules, poly crystalline silicon solar modules, thin film solar modules.
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DC combiner box 4 in and 1 out

DC combiner box 4 in and 1 out

The Plastic DC combiner box 4 in and 1 out made in China by CNLonQcom has an appealing appearance and is composed of corrosion-resistant material, which provides durability and seismic resistance. Stainless steel, stainless steel spray coating, and iron spray coating are among the metal enclosure material alternatives. It protects the solar DC circuit from overcurrent and overvoltage damage, extending the solar system's operating life and boosting system safety.

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